What is the Companion Card?

The Companion Card allows people with a severe and profound disability, who require attendant care at events and venues, to participate without having to pay for a second ticket for their attendant at affiliated organisations.

Are all people with a disability eligible for a Companion Card?

The Companion Card is not for everyone with a disability. It is for people with a life-long, severe or profound and permanent disability who are unable to participate in most community activities without attendant care support.

What are the eligibility criteria?

you are a resident of NSW

you have a significant and permanent disability

you are unable to participate in most community-based activities without significant assistance with mobility, communication, self care, planning and the use of aids and other technologies does not meet those needs

your level of support is life-long

The Companion Card is not provided to people who only require social support, assurance or encouragement.

Can children apply?

Children may apply for the Companion Card however they must demonstrate a life-long need for attendant care support. In the case of children, it is often difficult to determine their potential. As Companion Cards are given for life, no card can be approved before their life-long potential can be verified. As with all applications, children are assessed case by case and cards are not provided for supervision, social support or reassurance alone.

Am I required to complete the application form for the applicant?

The application form is to be completed by the applicant/legal guardian or agent.

What section do I complete?

On a Companion Card application form you are required to complete the Health Professional Declaration. Before completing this declaration you are required to verify the information contained in the application form, sign the reverse of the applicant’s photographs and provide details regarding the applicant’s disability and their requirement for attendant care support. Please see below for the full list of what your signature confirms.

When describing the functional impact of the applicant’s disability, their attendant care support requirements or their treatment and recovery; please provide a definitive assessment. Companion Cards will only be issued to applicants who will require life-long support.

What does my signature in Item 7, Health Professional Declaration of the Companion Card application confirm?

Your signature in the Health Professional Declaration of the Companion Card application confirms the following:

  • you have read all the information contained within the application form and verify that it is correct to the best of your knowledge
  • you verify that the applicant has a permanent disability and will always require attendant care at most recreational venues and activities
  • you are not the applicant nor a member of their immediate family
  • you agree to provide all information reasonable to assist the Companion Card unit in determining the applicants eligibility
  • you have signed the reverse of both photographs to verify that they are of the applicant
  • you understand that it is an offence to provide false information on this declaration

Will my signature in Item 7, Health Professional Declaration of the Companion Card application form guarantee that the applicant will be issued a Companion Card?

The Health Professional Declaration assists the Companion Card assessors when making a determination regarding an applicant’s eligibility. It should however be noted that a Companion Card will only be issued to applicants who are assessed as meeting all of the eligibility criteria and a signature in the Health Professional Declaration does not override this requirement.