The Best Bar Stools For Your Home Bar

  The Best Bar Stools For Your Home Bar Need a new bar stool for your home bar? If you’re looking for something comfortable, stylish and supportive, check out our selection of the best bar stools for your home. Click here to get more info   Why You Need A Bar Stool For Your Home Bar A bar stool can make a great addition to your home bar area. Not only do they provide a much needed counter space, but they come in a variety of styles and colours that can match almost any decor. If you’re missing a counter stool, or just want to add a new style to your home bar area, consider grabbing a bar stool. There are plenty of different options to choose from, so you can find one that perfectly fits your needs and style...

The Definitive Guide For Finding A Vet In Bunbury

The Definitive Guide For Finding A Vet In Bunbury The Definitive Guide for Finding a Vet in Bunbury is the perfect resource for anyone looking for a vet in the area. This guide includes detailed information on how to find a vet near you, as well as contact information and reviews of the best vets in Bunbury. after hours vet   What To Look For When Choosing A Vet For Your Pet? If you’re considering getting a new pet, choosing a vet can seem like an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your critter: Ask around. The best way to find a reputable vet is by asking your friends, family, and local pet shops about their favourites. If you have any questions about a specific vet, be sure ...

What Is A Denture, And Why Do Dentures Need Repair?

A denture is a type of artificial leg. It is worn on the upper jawbone to support and help keep the teeth in place. Dentures need to be repaired or replaced every few years because they can become tired and cracked. For more information, click here. The Cost Of Denture Repairs In Perth And How Much Does It Cost? The average cost for a full set of denture repairs in Perth is around $2,000. This price may vary depending on the severity of the damage and the required corrective procedures. Dentures are necessary for many seniors, and they often need to be repaired. The cost of a typical denture repair in Perth is between $500 and $1,000, and the average time required to complete the repair is two weeks. What Are The Diff...

Mould Removal in Toowoomba: How to Remove Mould from Your Home

Mould removal Toowoomba is a fantastic way to rid your home of unsightly Mould. Local Default is a trusted and experienced mould removal company that will efficiently remove the Mould from your home and restore your property to its original condition. We use the latest methods and equipment to ensure quick and effective mould removal, leaving you a clean and sterile home. Contact us today for a free consultation on mould removal in Toowoomba. Visit this website to learn more! Mould Removal Services Near Me Mould removal is something that individuals often worry about when it comes to their homes. The good news is that many reputable mould removal services are available nea...

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The Companion Card allows people with a significant and permanent disability, who require attendant care for the rest of their lives, to participate in community activities and events without discrimination.

What is the Companion Card Program?

The Companion Card has been developed to reduce existing discriminatory ticketing practices of many entertainment, leisure and recreation venues/activities and services.

People with a disability, who require attendant care type support, are often required to pay two admission and/or booking fees; one for themselves and one for their companion. This has the effect of increasing the admission and/or booking price for the person with a disability.


How does it work?

The card has a photograph of the cardholder and can be presented when booking or purchasing a ticket at events and venues, provided the cardholder requires attendant care support in order to participate at that particular activity. The participating venue or service will issue the cardholder with a second ticket for their companion at no charge. Download additional information on using your Card and Children and Companion Card in Word (32KB) or PDF (233KB).

Visit the Companion Card Affiliates web page to view all participating organisations.

Who is eligible?

The Companion Card is issued to residents of NSW with a significant and permanent disability who are unable to participate in most community based activities without significant assistance with mobility, communication, self care, planning and where the use of aids and other technologies does not meet those needs.

The card is only provided to people if their level of support is life-long and they meet all of the eligibility criteria. The card is not provided to people who require social support, assurance or encouragement.

The Companion Card is not means-tested.

It will be issued to people who are assessed as meeting all of the following eligibility criteria -severe or profound and permanent disability.

unable to participate in most community-based activities without significant assistance with:

  • mobility
  • communication
  • self care
  • planning and
  • where the use of aids and other technologies does not meet those needs.
  • their level of support is lifelong.


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