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Meet Krissie

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When Krissie was a baby her grandfather purchased a ticket so her parents could take her to the Royal Easter Show in the hope it would be stimulating for her.  Now, its 42 years later and Krissie has never missed a single year of the show.

Krissie is a vibrant woman, full of energy, warmth and enthusiasm for enjoying everything life has to offer. She loves to be involved in the world around her, enjoying her roles as a daughter, sister, aunty, girlfriend and workmate.

When Krissie finished her schooling at Bates Drive Special School she found employment in the packaging department of St George Special Industries. After a long period of travel training, Krissie acquired the ability to commute independently to work and home each day and has remained a loyal employee of the same business for the last 24 years. Krissie relies on her parents to take her to less familiar places and so outings are always a family affair.

As her mum Lyn talks about family trips, Krissie clasps her hands and exclaims in delight and tells us about her annual holiday.

Each year Krissie and her parents take a special break in the city and for three days Krissie gets to choose everything they do. “The Companion Card comes out like wildfire,” Lyn tells us, “We go to the zoo, the aquarium, museums; things we would not be doing if we didn’t have the card.”

The Companion Card has made a great difference to Krissie’s parents who are her sole carers. On a family holiday many years ago, Lyn recalls visiting a tourist attraction where Krissie was allowed free entry; this was uncommon at that time, “It’s always difficult and they could see what it was like for us.” Lyn was very glad to see that others understood what it is like for carers and says that with Companion Card it is now like that all the time, “It means so much,” she explained.

Krissie talks about the places she has been with great excitement. She also uses her card during frequent interstate family visits to the ACT and recently enjoyed The National Dinosaur Museum. She is looking forward to seeing a show that is coming to Sydney and of course will be using her card for the Easter Show next year.

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