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Penrith Reptile Expo & Family Fun Day


9am - 4pm Sunday the 4th of March 2018 Penrith Panthers Exhibition Marquee 

Penrith Reptile Expo and Family Fun Day is a collection of all type of Reptiles entertainment and goods for sale all in the one convenient place. It gives Herpetological Society Members a chance to show off their favourite pet reptiles. They aim to educate people about how to become a licenced reptile owner and introduce them to licenced reptile breeders.

They cater for reptile enthusiasts wanting to buy a reptile to visitors who just come for the entertainment. This year they have stepped up the entertainment with Venomous and Non Venomous Reptile shows throughout the day. Various show reptiles on display. The guys from Fats Frog and Tadpole Society will have a display.

Get a photo with a live reptile. Meet other reptile enthusiasts. Reptile Gifts and books for sale. Talk to a vet. See the large Monitors and even some Marmoset monkeys. Check out the "My Dinosaur" display and see some real life fossils. All that and more in Panthers Air-conditioned Exhibition Marquee! Pop on down for an experience you shouldn't miss.