Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues

Companion Card accepted at Limbo Unhinged Sydney Opera House

LimboPlunge into an exciting world of deeply seductive acts and other-worldly talent in this fast-paced, kaleidoscopic experience. The atmosphere is charged and the air itself seems willing to ignite. Take a breath – this is Limbo Unhinged. It's a cast of demigods with the ringleader of the Limbo world Sxip Shirey (USA) and explosive femme fatale Heather Holliday (USA) in the lead. We’ll welcome contortionist and acrobat Aurelien Oudot (FRA), gravity-defying Chinese Pole and beatboxing master Mikael Bres (FRA), dancing sensation Hilton Denis (AUS), unhinged musician Mick Stuart (AUS) and introducing aerial sensation Marco Motta (BRA), hand-to-hand experts Charlotte O’Sullivan (CAN) Nicolas Jelmoni (MCO), acrobatic artist Rémi Martin Lenz (GER).