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Information for declined Companion Card applicants

How was the application assessed?

Each application is reviewed by a qualified Companion Card Assessor. Applications are discussed at an internal panel review before they are declined.

However, when your application for a Companion Card is declined there is a process available to you to appeal the decision.

If you wish to make an appeal the following Process applies:

  • You can ring the assessor who assessed your application and provide additional information.
  • You can write to the Manager of Companion Card providing further or more detailed information and request that your application be reconsidered based on the new information that you have provided.

Or if you are still declined:

  • You can appeal a declined decision.
  • All appeals require a letter from the applicant to the External Assessment Committee requesting a review of the declined decision. Your appeal must include relevant additional information from doctors, specialists or occupational therapists. The supporting information may include doctor’s/specialist’s reports, further assessments, supporting letters from therapists or other health professionals. Please send the letter to:

External Appeal Committee,

Companion Card

PO Box 20637

World Square NSW 2002

All applicants will be notified that their appeal has been received and will be forwarded to the next External Review Committee meeting. The Committee meets as required, but no more than three times per year.

If your circumstances change at any time, e.g. mobility decreases or attendant care needs increase, you may provide additional information, you are not required to complete a new application form.

If you wish to discuss the outcome of your assessment please contact the assessment team by phoning 1800 893 044