Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues

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Code of conduct – Companion Card

Our code of conduct is based on the principles of fairness, respect, integrity and responsibility.

What is the code of conduct?

The code of conduct establishes a common understanding of the standards of behaviour expected of all Companion Card employees and of all people we work with.

What does it cover?

What you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Who does it apply to?

It applies to everyone within our team and everyone we work with.

Our Code of conduct

The values that underpin our work include fairness, respect, integrity and responsibility.

We demonstrate these values in our daily work by:

  • providing a quality service
  • being consistently honest, trustworthy and accountable
  • being courteous and responsive in dealing with enquiries
  • being committed to social justice by opposing prejudice, injustice and dishonesty
  • making decisions that are procedurally fair
  • promoting dignity and respect by the non-acceptance of behaviour which is, or might reasonably be perceived as, harassing, bullying or intimidating or defamatory