Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues

On-Site Assessments

The Faster pathway to Companion Cards for your service!

Companion Card offers free onsite assessing for services to assist them in applying for Companion Cards for their clients.

With onsite assessing applicants are not required to:

  • Complete their own form - Companion Card will assist you with the completion of your form
  • Visit a doctor/health professional
  • Pay for passport photos
  • Companion Card visited Jannali Neighbourhood Aid and assessed many of their clients 

Recently the Jannali Neighbourhood Aid took two of their clients to “Strictly Ballroom The Musical”. The Companion Card enables their carers free access, as pictured here. 


Josephine and Eileen with their Carers, Caitlin and Patty.

”We had a wonderful time at “Strictly Ballroom the Musical”. Josephine and Eileen were kind enough to invite Patty and me to help them share this wonderful experience and help them at the theatre. It was Josephine’s first time to ever see a professional show. It was a privilege for all of us at Jannali Neighbourhood Aid to give her that experience.” Carer, Caitlin.


"The usual application process was too time consuming for our volunteers. The partnership with Companion Card has made it an easy process for us as they came out and did all the work for us. It has been a great opportunity to extend our services and create greater opportunities for our clients. Many of our clients need a carer with them which often makes it too expensive for us to take people to events when we have to pay for staff entry. Companion Card means that if someone needs a carer with them, their carer gets free entry."  Dianne Townsend, Jannali Neighbourhood Aid.